About me

Bitcoin enthusiast

I really like the Bitcoin mission statement, and try to support the community.

Met Jacob Nielsen in person…

Picture of me and Jacob Nielsen
…during the CHI 2016 conference in San Jose, CA. He’s really friendly and positive person.

Healthy lifestyle proponent

I try to follow a holistic approach to health combining intermittent fasting, Kale shakes, exercising, reducing sugar and refined foods.

Fan of Grigor Dimitrov

I’ve become huge tennis fan because of Grigor’s beautiful backhand and attractive play

My hobby is playing basketball

Me playing basketball
I love the swish sound of net, the nice team combinations, and the slam dunks!

Favorite basketball player: Dominique Wilkins

His dunks are so electrifying and explosive that I cannot get enough of them

Love hiking

Hiking always elevates my mood, and makes me happy